Sometimes things just ARE Scrotifrom!
The yucky scrotiform icon itself (yuck).... 'Scrotiform' means;
  1. In the form of a scrotum, so anything that is even slightly shaped like a scrotum is scrotiform.
    [See photos of examples].
  2. Something that is, or is going, horribly wrong (a bit like "pear-shaped" only much worse),
    e.g. "The meeting/ wedding/ holiday/ dinner party/ office move was a disaster; it all went scrotiform", or "They cancelled our project when it started going scrotiform", or "My career went totally scrotiform after the water-butt incident", or perhaps "His entire existence is just scrotiform", etc. [See photos of examples]. 2011

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Definition of 'Scrotiform' - shaped like a scrotum...... see on

Next time there's a real balls-up

instead of saying
"It's gone pear-shaped"

make your point & amuse your friends or colleagues by saying

"It's gone Scrotiform!"

When 'nice' isn't special enough you might say "wonderful!"

Similarly, when 'pear-shaped' is too ordinary try saying "scrotiform!", or before it get's that bad "it's heading scrotiform!"

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We're jolly pleased to say that 'Scrotiform' is avaiable in all its glory on Urban Dictionary.... follow this link to admire it there for yourself...

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Category 1: Things that are scrotiform (i.e. scrotum shaped)

We plan to add a few modest examples of objects, things, perhaps even people or places, that are or could reasonably be said to be scrotiform.

Here's our collection so far of things that are in the shape, or form, of scrotums (but please relax; we guarantee you will NOT see an actual scrotum featured here, unless coincidentally, as we aim only to show things like them). Where possible we will include links (found by clicking the photos) to their source....
We very much admire people who make or market scrotiform products - not just for their gumption but because we know it takes balls too.

kangaroo scrotum pouches from '' in Australia
Andy Bate’s startling scrotum shaped handbag… Andy Bate’s startling scrotum shaped handbag…
Cuddly 'Krotchy Doll'..... er, um, yes........... Cuddly 'Krotchy Doll'..... er, um, yes...........
The map of Norway..... VERY scrotal indeed :) far as we are aware Norway is the world’s Most Scrotiform Country
The 'scrotum-sack change purse' from

Example of 'Scrotiform Verse'...

An attractive young girl from Baroda
Moved to an erotic pagoda;
Soon the walls of its halls
Were festooned with the balls
And the tools of the fools
Who bestrode her.

[Click HERE for more information]

Scrotum shaped golf warmer (it IS possible to find these but luckily not everyone will have one - you do have to look quite hard for them).... The rather scrotal looking 'hercules knot diamond pendant'...
Decide for yourself but we think the 'Snuffalupagus' certainly has something more than a little scrotal about it/him..... The scrotiform sporran.... that essential Scottish accoutrement....

Please let us know of any other fine examples you can think of showing things that are scrotiform.
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Category 2: Things, people, places, events etc. that are going, or have gone scrotiform

We plan to add a few interesting or amusing examples of projects, people, events or perhaps even whole nations that have gone scrotiform. that could reasonably be said to be (or have gone) scrotiform.

Here's our collection so far (where possible there are also links - by clicking the photos - to their source)...
The following are some quick temporary examples....
better quality and more carefully thought out ones will follow soon...
(please come back in two or three days time)...

Flooding in London, July 2007. Follow link for more photos... Great Galveston (Texas) Hurricane of 1900. Follow link for full, sad, story... A 'run on the bank'; Savers panic and queue-up outside Northern Rock during 'sub-prime' mortgage crisis in 2008. Read all about it...
Huge hillside collapses covering the Formosa Freeway in Taipei, April 2010 (follow link to read article)...

Huge earthquake hits Japan on 11 March 2011, followed by a terrible tsunami as well as aftershocks...

Losing toys down holes (in this case a pipe) can be a real nuisance :)
Collision between two engines, Bay of Quinte Railway, ON, 1892
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